Riad Gig in Fez, Morocco

Fez, Morrocco - March 2017

I have never been to the desert, I always leave after the main course.

A Gig with Victor Herrero, Rosa Mercedes, Sarah Ariche, Karl-Erik Enkelmann

Finishing up our exchange, we ran into the Arabicly adorned, friendly face of Rosa, who expressed her relief and gladness that we had found our way. She walked us around the corner into the majestic courtyard interior of the Riad. It was tiled in cool blue walls surrounding a water fountain in the middle of the courtyard. The fountain was calmly overspilling, it’s comforting sound, softened even further by the abundant plant life beautifying the riad. A great orange tree sprawled overhead, it’s fruits adding vibrant colour among the shadows like natural orange jewels.

The band was arranged unconventionally, the two singers playing bass and drums center stage, with their guitarist accompaniment along either side.

Despite the laid back, unasuming nature of the gig, the band still impressed.

Victor once again wowed us with his mesmerizing command of the guitar in a dilay of boundless mastery. He fluidly alternates through through different techniques, all internalised in a natural feeling for the music. He unrestrainingly pours emotion into his blend of well composed sound.

Having heard him play acoustically twice in the past, I've witnessed an unmediated exposition of the beautiful subtleties and delicacy intimacy of his music. Hearing him play this time, plugged in, with a band was an additive experience - I could still hear and feel all the honesty of the music but intertwined with a stronger current, glimpses of raw energy, occasionally letting loose that kind of Rock music rebel sound that makes you feel alive and charged, I smiled uncontrollably. There seems to be so much more energy there that could be let out, more colours to this palette of sound, more weapons of expression to let loose. He mentioned a recent tour where he'll play hour long single musical journeys, they promise to be lofty psychedelic movements of sound, I can't wait to experience one.

With Victor’s seductive guitar accompanying you, anyone can be a rockstar, though here Rosa stands brilliant on her own. She played extremely comfortably as she took the lead in this gig with her stylish poise, seeming to really enjoy playing and experiencing the moment, bringing her cool, bohemian, post-punk, singer-songwriter confidence that underpinned the arrangement, in addition to her repertoire of songs which the band covered from as well as a few collaborations and others.

This small little video I managed to capture doesn't do the group justice, especially not with the GoPro sound, none the less, it went a little something like this.

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