Hello, World!

Hi, I’m Chris Harris

import {consciousness} from 'universe'
const entropy = () => nearest('sun').sample()
const text = new TextRenderer({entropy})
// When rendered to person `consciousness` is seen as an implicit source of entropy
var Chris = PersonFactory({genome,phenome, consciousness, time}).generate().render(text)

I’m a creative technologist working in mixed realities and regenerative systems.

  • I do consulting work for technology companies, often involving human centric, open source and strategic, product focused, software development.
  • I make digital art around the human condition and speculative futures.
  • I’m a yoga teacher in training and cultivate the spiritual experience.


  • Reading The Dispossessed
  • Consulting on software development and digital product strategy for Worldbrain.io
  • Exploring regenerative community business models
  • Finishing this website

Writings from a varyingly long while ago

Neural Net Car Removal

Biophillic Vision - Experiment 1: Removing cars from our roads with neural networks.

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World Summit A.I. 2017 Summary

A list of insights I took away from WSAI.

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