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Welcome to this website - the digital manifestation of my desire to engage both personally and professionally, with you out there.

On here you'll find details of my craft as a Software Developer which is just one (albeit a major one) of my outlets for creative passion. I'll touch on many other topics on the articles and projects below.

Feel free to browse around different tags in my Article Viewer for other content.

This site exists for a few reasons, primarily as a showcase of my work and as a platform to meet more people of similar interests. I hope you'll find some of the content interesting and useful.


Biophillic Futures - Experiment 1

Removing cars with neural nets

A continuation of the global movements to mitigate climate-change (e.g. Extinction Rebellion) and live in a greater harmony with nature - combined with my own personal abhorrence of the obnoxiousness of cars in what should be pedestrian friendly environments.

(coming soon)

A personal development tool. Providing you with a virtual assistant coach and a community of others - to help you make consistent progress on your aspirations.


A Twitter based Bot with the intention of helping hold you accountable to a particular daily task. Once you commit to a number of days, it will expect a reply from you each day after. It will remind you if you haven't responded and publicly tweet you if you break your habit.


A project with a co-founder of mine. We felt that modern advertising was bombarding us all with the 'good' reasons to buy a product/service, but that outside of specialist forums there wasn't a balance of critical reasons why you might not want to buy something. We sought to make an authoritative source of crowd voted product criticism to balance out advertising.

Bad-About is a single page app in React. Social Authentication is done with Firebase Auth, the back end is powered by Python and MySQL.

Members vote on other criticisms on importance and correctness, their votes are Statistically weighted according to the Wilson score confidence interval for a set parameter, (to e.g. ensure a post is not marked as '100% correct' if it only has one vote).

The backend architecture follows an Event Sourcing approach to ensure voting and posting is auditable against abuse.

Gibraltar Frontier Queue Stats

The border to drive out of Gibraltar into Spain can sometimes get inconveniencingly busy. While a live queue time report exists, I wanted to visualise historical data so I could plan travel accordingly. (i.e. avoid the periods of greatest traffic)

Data is scraped from the @gibraltarborder Twitter account. The text is parsed and normalised into a number of minutes at the tweet timestamp and is stored into Google's Big Query Database. Running costs are less than $1/m. Currently have 18,000 data points.

The output is a simple React app, using Charts.js pulling data from Google App Engine hosted Server API. The server side queries and aggregates all the random time points to average out queue times per hour. Query results are then cached to avoid recalculation each request.

With enough data, I intend to provide a live time based future forecast of what the queue is likely to be in the next coming hours, using hour/day/week/month based seasonality.

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Biophillic Vision - Experiment 1
Biophillic Vision - Experiment 1: Removing cars from our roads with neural networks.
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A concise list of take-aways from the WSAI17 event
World Summit AI (2017) Notes
Some noteworthy ideas by leading figures in the AI space who gave talks at WSAI 2017.
Initial experience creating cross-platform apps with Flutter and Dart
First, very promising experience in cross-platform mobile app development with Flutter and Dartlang
BilityBot - Public Accountability
A simple little accountability bot I built on twitter.
Book Notes - Mastery
How one masters their creative work within any field, through comprehensive, analytical and active learning, consistent and bold experimentation, and steadfast, accepting perseverance.
Riad Gig in Fez, Morocco
Quaint gig in a wonderful Riad in Fez, Morocco. With Victor Herrero, Rosa Mercedes, Sarah Ariche, Karl-Erik Enkelmann.
Human multitasking, that is to say, the shifting between tasks in quick succession, can be thought of like a computer’s CPU with our working memory as ...

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